Detailed Product and Price Research

We identify the producers of the product you think you are going to trade. We start to write about them, gather detailed information about factories and products. We will prepare a detailed report on the products after a week of research.

Factory Control

You've done your research on the product you want in China, but you have doubts about the quality and the factory itself. You do not need to come here. In your name, we visit our factory, our experts' factory, we prepare a report with picture and video with their expert opinions.

Product and Quality Control

You have found the product you want to import and are in the process of producing the goods. If you want to be sure of the correctness of the product during production, an intermediate check of the product is carried out, if necessary, the sample is taken and sent to the buyer. We will do special quality control

Loading Goods and Last check

It is our service that we must comply with. After ordering the product, the firm informs us that the goods are ready. Here we make sure that the products are in the desired standards, the measurements, the customs, the weights and the other properties that you want to pay attention to, the final inspection, we load the goods in the containers together with the factory.